Progress on our playground

Thank You Pathfinder and Pigeon Point Community for helping us design the
Playground Planplayground, get grants, find business donors, and for emptying your pockets to make this happen! The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, King County, and businesses in our neighborhoods were the big donors. This would not be possible if every donation of time and money hadn’t have been there. Thank you!  We raised $250k for Phase One.

Here’s what we will see change in Phase One:

– Grass to play on! The north and south fences will be moved to include grass in the play area and increase child safety.

– Two additional play-spaces with rubber surfacing will make playing more accessible to sensory-sensitive kids, and will be fun for all.

– One large play area with full-body play equipment–including spinners!

– One small play area with a teeter totter that can hold eight kids all playing at once, for some good negotiation and group play.

The raised mound, the Esker

– A long, gentle, s-shaped climbable mound (the esker) about 2.5ft tall and covered in flat stones, winding between the two new play areas.

– One built-in bench, tiled with beautiful blues and greens, engraved with your messages.

– A scattered pile of seat-sized boulders in rough amphitheater shape.

– Two trees on the playground, and four trees right beside the fence.

– A better situated bike area near the front of the school.

We’ve bought the plans for Phase Two as well, so we can start saving and planning for a seated, tree covered area right outside the lunchroom, and a raised circular platform with whirligigs on the north end of the playground.

September 1st, from 8:00am – 3:30pm the playground equipment install will happen. Boxes of goodies will be sitting there, ready for us to dig, build, and paint. Time to get physical.

2014 Painting PartyCapital One’s people and financial help gave us the boost we needed last year when we painted the playground. The addition of the colors, the clan animals, and a beautiful, much used braided river were warmly received by the children. This year Capital One is again coming out to help. This time with painting, landscaping, and building. We need our community to join in to help build the playground. It is on a weekday, and kids can’t come, so this is not easy to do for many parents. If you can make it happen, please do. We need
you!  I hope that you can join us. This will surely be a day to remember!

The surfacing will be poured around the built equipment. That will happen in late September to mid-October. After that happens, the playground will be ready to enjoy!

Mid October will also bring the planting of trees on the playground and some right outside the west fence.

Watch our progress on the Pathfinder Playground Blog. If you have questions or suggestions, contact the Playground team at:

Thank you!

The Playground Revamp Team

August Newsletter

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Below is a pdf of the latest newsletter. Thanks you Tarin Erickson for being the editor!

The PPNC Newsletter comes out every other month, before the meeting, which is on the second Monday every other month.

We are looking for someone with newsletter printing capabilities. We usually need about 500 copies. We are also looking for writers and stories!

August newsletter

Neighborhood Night Out: August 4th

Next event on the hill:
Neighborhood Night Out: August 4th 5:30-9pm. Join your neighbors for food and fun in the street!

We will benight out logo closing down the usual spot, at 20th and Dakota. We will have grills, chalk, tables, some chairs. The police and firefighters have been invited to stop by, and we have a very local professional musician lined up to play. You may have seen him walking his dog. :)

What you should bring:  Your family, a potluck item (with an ingredient card if possible), something to grill, a chair, your own dishes, your musical instrument, a welcoming smile.

Curious about Night Out? I was too. It is a national community building event sponsored by the police. Read more at:


Painting: Success!

Lots of people came out to paint on a very, very hot day. We were all so happy to see each other, and excited to make the intersection OURS. And we did. Now our humble hill has a destination spot. THANK YOU to the few people who took on the task and gave us all an opportunity to contribute. THANK You for everyone who came out and put in the time. You are So Very APPRECIATED!!

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Street Painting Update

We’re picking colors!

I’m realizing that we could make this so much more than “just” Pathfinder-Salmon_singlea painting party. This is a Community Building Event. Let’s do this right!  Kids could play kickball in the field nearby, we could bring food and drinks to share. People could bring their instruments to play.  Let’s see what we can make of this day. Come ready to meet new friends, paint and play.

Check the Pigeon Point facebook page for an invite. An RSVP would help my sanity, and may contribute to the “planning.” If you would like to plan something, and want help, contact me at

See you there!

Painting Day Nears: September 19th

IMG_20150629_081053-2Mark the date on your calendar: Sunday September 19th you are meeting your neighbors and the larger community in the street with a bucket of paint.

There are just a few of us working on this project, not nearly enough, so please do come help paint a bit. We have permission from the city to get this done in one  day, and the more painters the better!

We’re starting at 9. No experience necessary!

There is a facebook event created. It would be really awesome to know how many people are going.

Hope to see you there! (21st and Genesee)


We wanted to provide a more complete picture of what that means and why we can’t set a definitive opening date yet.

The stages to put it all together:

  1. Construction footprint – our contractor is going to put in the big footprint – removing asphalt, securing the support for the Esker and move the fences. The contractor has started mobilization which includes such things as ordering supplies, selecting boulders and stone cladding materials with our Landscape Architect, and setting up temporary construction fence.  You should begin seeing construction in action starting now (week of June 22)!
  2. Play Equipment installation – The equipment selection is still being finalized and our order should be placed the week of June 22. The installation is dependent on the equipment company’s availability and coordinating Capital One volunteers to help install (this was part of their partnership and donation commitment.) As soon as we can get a date and invite our community to help, we will. We are hoping for last week in August.
  3. Surfacing – Rubber safety surfacing under the play equipment – This order is also in progress. Once we know the delivery timeframe for the play equipment, and its installation, the company can schedule a date for installation of the safety surfacing, since the surfacing installation happens after the equipment is installed. This will hopefully happen in early September, fingers crossed!

Then, there are final inspections, and after that we can open the playground! We’ll provide updates as each key stage is completed.

Thank you again for helping us build a playground the serves our community!