We wanted to provide a more complete picture of what that means and why we can’t set a definitive opening date yet.

The stages to put it all together:

  1. Construction footprint – our contractor is going to put in the big footprint – removing asphalt, securing the support for the Esker and move the fences. The contractor has started mobilization which includes such things as ordering supplies, selecting boulders and stone cladding materials with our Landscape Architect, and setting up temporary construction fence.  You should begin seeing construction in action starting now (week of June 22)!
  2. Play Equipment installation – The equipment selection is still being finalized and our order should be placed the week of June 22. The installation is dependent on the equipment company’s availability and coordinating Capital One volunteers to help install (this was part of their partnership and donation commitment.) As soon as we can get a date and invite our community to help, we will. We are hoping for last week in August.
  3. Surfacing – Rubber safety surfacing under the play equipment – This order is also in progress. Once we know the delivery timeframe for the play equipment, and its installation, the company can schedule a date for installation of the safety surfacing, since the surfacing installation happens after the equipment is installed. This will hopefully happen in early September, fingers crossed!

Then, there are final inspections, and after that we can open the playground! We’ll provide updates as each key stage is completed.

Thank you again for helping us build a playground the serves our community!

Delridge Day — Call for Volunteers

My family loves Delridge Day. It is fun to have a little festival at the bottom of the hill, filled with people I know and those I don’t, but whom I know live close by.  Here’s a message from the Delridge Day planners:
Good Morning Everyone,
    For almost ten years our Delridge Community has benefited from the tremendous annual event, Delridge Day. Each year hundreds of our neighbors have come out to listen to some of the best local music around, watch skateboard demonstrations and competitions, and to interact with all the families that make us such a diverse and unique neighborhood. Each year there was always one absolute constant, we could’ve never done it with the help of amazing community volunteers.
    Delridge Day is Saturday, August 8th, and we would truly appreciate anyone who can make themselves available to help. We have a wide array of needs and times we need volunteers for, so even a small commitment the day of the event will make a huge difference. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up, and thank you.
Be Safe,
Dorsol Plants

June 2015 Newsletter

The Newsletter is here!  JUNE 2015 Newsletter

City Council Hopefuls at PPNC Meeting June 8th

You are invited to come have a chat with at least 6 City Council hopefuls! It is your chance to see and hear how they respond to some questions regarding issues that matter to your neighborhood and to our shared neighborhood of West Seattle.

Please come on June 8th from 7-8:30 in the Pathfinder Cafeteria.

We would all benefit from any questions you have. You can write them up on this short and easy survey, or bring them yourselves.…/12IONA1tbrMIr75CrHCwn8v…/viewform…, Position 1, Town Hall Meeting.

Here is a link to the list candidates who are running:

Thank you!
Your Pigeon Point Neighbors

Newsletter Content Request

Anyone have anything they’d like to put in the Newsletter?

Content due date: May 26th.

Send content to Thank you!

Street Painting Meeting

Sunday, April 26th 4:30pm, at Uptown Espresso on Delridge we’ll be talking about the street painting design. Hope you can make it!

April Neighborhood Meeting Notes

The neighborhood meeting last night was very good! 14 people attended, which is among the higher numbers for events that don’t include food. :)

Here’s what we discussed, and what you might want to know:springcleaning

April 25th: Spring Clean. 10am @ the “West Duwamish Greenbelt Walking Trails” sign at 20th & Genesee — Also known as our Emergency Hub location. Bring clippers and a garbage bag. Coffee provided.

cropped-WSBP-website-masthead-2013_2May 9th, 5pm-10pm : There will be a Citywide Emergency Communication Drill. You can participate by going to Ercolini Park or Hiawatha Park during this time. It is great to prepare yourself by participating in this. No experience needed. Wade Harper is our new Pigeon Point Emergency Hub leader. Our Emergency Hub location is at 20th & Genesee. More info here:

June 8th: Our next meeting, at Pathfinder again, will be a City Council Position 1 Candidate Forum. We’ve got 7 city council hopefuls scheduled to come speak to us at this meeting. We’re inviting all of W.Seattle to this. Other neighborhood councils are in the process of doing the same. We will need questions from our neighborhood to the candidates. We’ll be asking you for those ahead of time.

downloadJuly 18th: Street Painting–We’ve formed a painting committee (sounds so official), and we have an artist (or 3) who will be working to design the thing. July 18th is the day the city will shut down the intersection of 21st and Genesee so we can paint it. We will need many hands to come paint on that day — so save the date!

potluckAugust 4th: City Night Out — This is an annual event that happens throughout the city. We shut the street down and have a potluck and bbq. Kids play, either the police or the firemen come and let the kids check out their car. It is a nice time, and usually very well attended.  If you would like to help plan some kids activities, or bring a toy to share, that would be appreciated. If you would like to lead an activity, that would be great. Please bring seating, food, and your own dishes.

Outreach: We discussed why more people don’t attend the meetings, and how we could make it more welcoming. We speculated that some may feel like the “Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council” is an organization that they don’t have access to, or can’t be a part of. This is so very untrue! Neighborhoods all over have “councils” — they are just a group of people who show up and help make their neighborhood more liveable. They can work together to make their neighborhood’s concern known to the city and its governing institutions. These meetings are a way to check in with upcoming events, hopes for our neighborhood, worries about our neighborhood. They are a place to ask for help and offer suggestions. And it is really, really good to know what your neighbors look like, and to have a few conversations under your belt. It makes this place home!

In an effort to help improve our attendance, we are planning to have a Survey Box at the City Night Out that asks something along the lines of: 1)Why don’t you show up for [more] meetings? 2)What are some solutions to this?