Pigeon Point Neighborhood Meeting

Monday, Feb 10th
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Please join your neighbors for our bi-monthly meeting on February 10th. It will be starting at 7pm at the Pathfinder cafeteria. We plan on being done by 8:30.
Special guests will share info about:
• Delridge Grocery Coop
• Substation properties for sale
• Duwamish rowing class
• free exercise class!
Come meet your neighbors & learn about your Pigeon Point!

Pathfinder’s Playground Update

Pathfinder K8 is pleased to announce that we won a Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple Grant to rebuild our playground! With $25,000 we can get started by hiring a designer, and recruiting volunteers to match the funds through donated time. Our plan includes hosting 3 public meetings to develop the playground in a way that best serves you: the school and community. A huge thank you to Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for helping our community work together to build a better playground.

Want to help us get started? We need your input! Anyone who uses the playground is encouraged to participate. Please tell us what matters to you at the Pathfinder K8 Playground by filling out our short online survey: http://bit.ly/1i4sxN9

Grow Delridge Awesome!

Our mission is to provide the Delridge community with access to fresh, whole, organic and local food at an affordable price.

Delridge Produce Coop

Delridge Produce Coop

The Delridge Grocery is working hard to sign up members and raise enough funds to open a store within walking distance of Pigeon Point. We will support the local farmer and backyard edible gardener by selling their yields to the community. This is a great idea that we can all benefit from.

We are excited to have the opportunity to reach out to you regarding your potential member/ownership of the Delridge Grocery Cooperative. Founding members are joining the Delridge food revolution, planting seeds of neighborhood investment and growing a healthier neighborhood for our families.   All coop activity, creation and promotion, at this point, is fulfilled by volunteers deeply committed to increasing access to affordable, healthy food along the Delridge corridor. This is our mission and with your help we will be opening this summer.

Please visit DelridgeProduceCoop.com and join today!

On behalf of the Delridge Grocery Board, we thank you for your support.

2012 Pigeon Point Community Garden Tour

Save the date for the 2012 Pigeon Point Community Garden Tour!

The garden tour is taking place on Sunday, August 5, starting at 1:00 (two days before City Night Out).  We will be meeting at the corner of 20th Avenue SW and Genesee St.

This event has been happening for several years, has been informal, lots of fun, and a great way to meet neighbors and ask gardening questions.  The tour group will stay together, moving from one garden to the next.  Seasoned gardeners including an expert on native plant restoration will be attending, so corner them with your questions!  There will also be some birds and bees featured on the tour!  I heard that one of the gardeners may be providing cookies, too…

Do you know of an amazing garden or hidden gem in the neighborhood?  Let me know if you are interested in being included on the 2013 tour.


-Joni, a chicken lady, gardener of edibles, & garden tour coordinator wynonanot@yahoo.com

Trivia Night Fundraiser

DPCSorry for the late notice, but this is TONIGHT!! (June 5th)

Are you a foodie? Want to test your knowledge of all things noshable?
Join Delridge Produce Cooperative for a night of food trivia at the Skylark Cafe on Tuesday, June 5th, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. There is $5 suggested donation to play. All profits go toward bringing healthy, affordable local produce to Delridge residents.  Fun prizes will be awarded! We will have our reusable strawberry ags and handmade organic cotton produce bags available for a cash donation.  Please join us and bring your friends! Come early and enjoy dinner at the Skylark, too! This event is all ages as the Skylark is not restricted to 21 and over until 9pm.

Founded in 2009, the Delridge Produce Cooperative’s mission is to bring inexpensive organic produce to residents of the Delridge neighborhood by connecting local growers and urban farmers to those looking for healthy options. In 2014, the co-op plans to open a market selling locally- grown, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, as well as milk, eggs, cheese, meats, grains, beans, and minimally processed foods like vegetable oil, bread, and tomato sauce.

For more info see www.delridgeproducecoop.com or email

They’re Baaaaaaack!

Last February our family watched in awe as something of a wildlife drama unfolded in our own backyard.  Several large, somewhat prehistoric looking birds, Great Blue Herons, began hanging out in the trees on the Northeast tip of Pigeon Point.  Three pair decided to stay and became our great curiosity for the next several months.

Great Blue Herons Nesting

Great Blue Herons Nesting

We watched as the herons busily picked dead ivy twigs off the trees, occasionally even from our yard, and fashioned them in to three large nests.  We waited with the birds as one sat on the nest and the other routinely brought food back to its mate.  We were thrilled to eventually count a total of a dozen fuzzy chicks hatched.  We loved listening to them “quacking” for the food delivered and fed to them by a parent.  Of course our drama was not without tragedy as we saw one feeble chick pushed out of a nest to make room for its heartier siblings, and another weak chick die when its vigorous siblings got all the food.   The chicks grew, lost their fluff, tested their wings, and squabbled loudly for space.  Eventually of course, they learned to fly and at the end of August we became empty nesters.  Literally.

One morning a couple of weeks ago, I looked out the window and squealed at the sight of 10 herons gliding in and landing on the same trees.  They have been circling around and perching in the trees, and 3 pair have staked claim on the three nests.  We are thankful for this place and look forward to witnessing another season of heron adventure.

If you would like to check out these amazing birds, you may be able to view them from the east (dead) end of Charlestown Ave before the leaves come in, or by walking the stairs located there that connect with East Marginal Way.

Getting Involved!

We missed those neighbors who were not at our February meeting.  We discussed ways to be involved in our Pigeon Point neighborhood. We talked about how with everyone’s small contributions, big things will happen. A few of the upcoming Pigeon Point opportunities for getting involved are listed here.

Annual Spring CleanApril 28th
This event that has been happening in the neighborhood for a number of years. Our focus project this year will be the rehabilitation of the street end park at the north end of 22nd Ave SW.  We encourage you to check out this neighborhood gem, if you are not familiar with it!  This park project was spearheaded by neighbors Sharon & Jim Price, and completed with the help of many neighbors. After a few years it is time to spend some more quality neighborhood effort to tidy up and revitalize the space.  Lend a shovel or a trowel, spend an hour or the day, as we invest in our neighborhood park. This is a fantastic way to make new neighborhood friends and help our hill.

Pigeon Point Garden Tour – This event will be back later in the spring. There are a number of absolutely fabulous gardens in our little neck of Delridge and we intend to show them off. If you are proud of your garden and would like to participate by going on the tour or having your garden be part of the tour get ready. More information will be out shortly.

City Night OutAugust 7th!
Come enjoy a great potluck, social time with the neighbors and fun for the kids as we celebrate our neighborhood during City Night Out! This summer time tradition is a great way to meet neighbors from all over Pigeon Point. The intersection of 20th Ave SW & SW Dakota will again be blocked off for our festivities. If you or one of your neighbors is a musician and would like to provide entertainment during this event we would love to hear from you!